Below are the musical events that are going on in Autumn Term 2018:

Monday 10th September – International Concert Series: Gould Piano Trio & Mark Simpson, Johnson Hall, 7.30pm
Friday 14th September – Start of Year Service, Wells Cathedral, 10:30am
Thursday 20th September – Foyer Live, Johnson Hall Foyer, 1.00pm
Monday 24th September – Performance Sharing, Johnson Hall, 7.15pm
Thursday 27th September – Tea and Music, Johnson Hall Foyer, 4.15pm

Monday 1st October – Open Musicians’ Platform, Johnson Hall, 7.15pm
Monday 15th October – Staff and Scholars’ Recital, Johnson Hall, 7.15pm
Thursday 18th October – Singing Children of Africa, Johnson Hall, 7.15pm
Tuesday 23rd October – House Song, Tennis Centre, 6.30pm

Friday 9th November – Greater Love, Johnson Hall, 7.15pm
Tuesday 13th November – Choral Service, Wells Cathedral, 7.00pm
Thursday 15th June – Tea and Music, Johnson Hall Foyer, 4.15pm
Friday 16th November – International Concert Series: Harry the Piano, Johnson Hall, 7.30pm
Saturday 24th November – Johnson Sessions, Johnson Hall, 7.15pm
Monday 26th November – Evening Recital, Johnson Hall, 7.15pm

Monday 3rd December – Music at Millfield, Johnson Hall, 7.15pm
Thursday 6th December – Carol Service, Wells Cathedral, TBC

Have a browse through the 2018/19 Arts Calendar 2018-19 here.