Third Millfield pupil joins National Youth Choirs of Great Britain

Jo, Izzy and Greg pictured together in the Johnson Hall, Millfield’s concert hall Year 10 pupil Jo Maddock from Baltonsborough has joined Sixth Form pupils Izzy Barber (Somerton) and Greg Wills (Glastonbury) in the prestigious National Youth Training Choir of Great Britain. Members participate in up to two residential courses a year full of choral … Continue reading Third Millfield pupil joins National Youth Choirs of Great Britain

Evening Recital – November 26th

  After a wonderfully well-received Johnson Sessions on Saturday 24th, it was the turn of our premier classical musicians to perform in the first Evening Recital of the academic year. A beautifully intimate concert of violin, voice and piano works provided the audience with musical tension and release across hundreds of years’ worth of repertoire. An angelic … Continue reading Evening Recital – November 26th

Johnson Sessions – November 24th

On the evening of Saturday 24th November, the Music School of Millfield welcomed a huge crowd to the Johnson Hall for the first of the academic year’s Johnson Sessions. With acts performing immortal songs by: Billy Joel to The Eagles and even new and exciting material written by the students themselves; this event was sure … Continue reading Johnson Sessions – November 24th

ICS: Harry the Piano

On November 16th 2018, Millfield School welcomed a musician who can only be described as a master of his craft to perform in the glorious surroundings of the Johnson Hall. Harry the Piano, a true virtuoso and sublimely-relaxed improviser, treated our students to a crash-course workshop in improvisation before wowing a sold-out Johnson Hall audience with … Continue reading ICS: Harry the Piano

Greater Love – November 9th

To mark the centenary of the end of the First World War, the evening of Friday November 9th saw Millfield School’s collaborative arts event Greater Love with offerings from across the entire school. Through the direction of Mrs Kirsty Barry, her BTEC Music class and many other students and members of staff, this commemoration through … Continue reading Greater Love – November 9th

Singing Children of Africa – October 18th

The evening of October 18th saw the return of the Singing Children of Africa to our Johnson Hall, and what a life-affirming experience they provided us with. Performances from Millfield Prep Senior Choir, Camerata and the Singing Children of Africa inspired the audience with a delightful and awe-inspiring feast of vocal music. Beginning proceedings, The Singing Children of Africa … Continue reading Singing Children of Africa – October 18th

Staff & Scholars’ Recital – October 15th

The evening of October 15th saw the annual Staff and Scholars’ Recital, and what a tremendous evening of music making it was. Musical collaboration between students and staff was at the heart of this stellar evening, with a packed Johnson Hall treated to an array of wonderful pieces performed to perfection. The concert began with a sublimely beautiful … Continue reading Staff & Scholars’ Recital – October 15th

Open Musicians Platform, October 1st

Last night saw the first of Millfield School Music Department’s 2018/19 Open Musicians’ Platform events, and what an evening it proved to be. We heard from many performers performing music from Classical to Musical Theatre and, as with our first Foyer Live event, it was broadcast live to the world through Millfield Music’s YouTube Channel. If you missed out… … Continue reading Open Musicians Platform, October 1st

ICS: Gould Piano Trio & Mark Simpson

To begin Millfield Music School’s action-packed 2018/19 International Concert Series, we were delighted to host the award-winning Gould Piano Trio and composer/performer extraordinaire Mark Simpson After a superbly crafted and effortlessly presented pre-concert talk on Messiaen’s ‘Quartet for the End of Time’ by Dr Brooks, the concert proper began. The Gould Piano Trio treated the audience with … Continue reading ICS: Gould Piano Trio & Mark Simpson