Evening Recital I

HR 131 07Nov2019 Moment Photography

On the evening of the 18thNovember, Millfield Music held its first Evening Recital of the term. Usually only one event – the number of students aiming to perform at grade 7+ within the first term alone exceeded the capacity of just one recital!

Annabella Dawkins (Lower Sixth) opened the recital on the violin, playing the Praeludium and Allegroby Fritz Kreisler. A very technically difficult piece, Annabella portrayed an air of confidence on stage, and her precise playing displayed the talent of musicians at this evening’s recital. Up next was Hannah Parry (Upper Sixth) who sang a wonderful interpretation of John Dowland’s Flow My Tears.Hannah’s voice suited the flowing patterns of the Dowland’s word painting. Next, Cecily Turner (Upper Sixth) treated the audience to of one Claude Debussy’s most reflective pieces: Reveriewhere Cecily’s ‘dreamlike’ playing brought the music’s emotional portrayal to the forefront. Returning to a string performance, Hamish Barry (Y.11) played Edward Elgar’s Cello Concerto in E minor, Op.85, mvt. III. Up next, Harrison Pierce (Y.11) played perhaps the most contemporary piece of the evening – Drifting by Andy McKee. It incorporated not only traditional guitar playing but also extended techniques, such as percussive taping on the body of the instrument. Upper Sixth Cameron Murray then took to the stage to play Claude Debussy’s Prelude No.4– displaying a virtuosic stage presence and encapsulating the audience in his musically refined playing. Up next was Jevon Hughes (Y.11) who played Summer Evening at Bryanston by Alma Goatley on the clarinet.

Up next, Robert Mulchrone (Y.10) played Friedrich Seitz’ Concerto No.1, mvt. I. Robert played with a warm tone and vivid articulation making for a very enjoyable and musical performance. Out second vocalist for the evening then took to the stage, where Tabitha Veitch (Upper sixth) sang O Tuneful Voice by Joseph Haydn. Emily Patterson (Lower Sixth) then performed a very elegant and musical interpretation of Gabriel Faure’s Elegie. Emily performed with virtuosity and demonstrated musical phrasing excellently, with a wealth of tone and expression. Up next, Esme Ellis (Y.11) performed Summertime from George Gershwin’s West Side Story. Our penultimate performance was by Woon Ngee Ng (Lower Sixth), who performed Henry Eccles’ Sonata in G minor, mvts. I and II on the double bass. The final performance of the evening saw Emily Bradshaw (Y.11) perform Johannes Brahms’ Sonata No. 1 in F minor, Op. 120, mvt. I. 

The evening showcased performances from our most advanced instrumentalists and vocalists – portraying the large number of students at this level. In fact, we have had so many students wanting to perform at this high level, we have added an additional Evening Recital on Monday 25thDecember at 7:15pm!

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