Open Musicians’ Platform – June 10th

HR 166 28Jan2019 Moment PhotographyOur exceptionally accomplished pupils once again took to the Johnson Hall stage for the final Open Musicians’ Platform concert of the year, and what an exciting concert it turned out to be.

Opening our concert was soulful vocalist Paige Millard, who sang for us, in sublime fashion, the classic ‘God Bless the Child’, made famous by Billie Holiday. Following this was pianist Jo Maddock, who took us back in time to the early Classical period with a wonderfully charming interpretation of the 1stmovement of Carl Philip Emmanuel Bach’s Sonata in A. Returning to the human voice, vocalist Maddie Calvesbert-Sharp drew us into the limelight of ‘My Fair Lady’ through her wonderfully adept interpretation of Show Me. Lower Sixth violist Cameron Murray was up next, performing for us an exceptionally stylistic interpretation of the Courante from J.S Bach’s Cello Suite No.2, arranged expertly for solo viola. Flautist Tabi Veitch swept onto the stage next, with her enchanting performance of the Waltz from contemporary composer John Rutter’s Suite Antique. Our penultimate performance of the half was given by pianist Sol Williams, adeptly performing Feuille d’automne by Vladimir Rebikov. Next up was a jazzy offering from saxophonist Jevon Hughes, who burst onto stage to perform East Coast Mainline, the third movement of James Rae’s Sonatina.

After a short break for a technical changeover, we recommenced in a tranquil fashion, with guitarist Harrison Pierce performing for us one of John Mayer’s compositions Neon. Returning to the human voice, vocalist Imi Scott-Carter performed for us a stunningly beautiful Va Godendo by Handel. Pianist Tosca Mendes was to follow, with an enrapturing performance of Chopin’s Nocturne No.20 in C-Sharp minor. The voice of Jo Maddock was next to ring around the hall, with a passionate rendition of Faure’s Le Secret. Returning one final time to the world of the piano, Emily Paterson encapsulated the turn of the 20thcentury French sound perfectly with her interpretation of Claude Debussy’s Reverie. Closing our wonderfully varied showcase of music, was flautist Freya Tatham, performing another locomotive work in Ian Clarke’s Great Train Race, an intense expression of what a train might sound like – were it made up of flutes!

With the year of music at Millfield School coming to a close, what a pleasure it was to see so many of our young musicians take to the floor and perform for such an appreciative audience.

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