GCSE & AS-level Composition and A-level Recital Concerts – March 25th

The magnificent Johnson Hall was, on Monday March 25th, full of offerings of musical excellence composed and presented by our own IGCSE & A-level Music students.

During the lunch break, all IGCSE Music students enjoyed an informal performance of one of their two compositions written for the composing segment of their course. Music written in styles ranging from Blues & Jazz, to Baroque & Classical, and Romantic to Impressionist rose dazzlingly up through the air, filling the Johnson hall. When composing on paper or in front of a computer screen, it is of paramount importance for musical development, that composers are afforded the opportunity to hear their music performed live.

On the evening of the same day, also in the Johnson Hall, the Lower Sixth A-level Music students showcased their compositional prowess, with several ensembles performing their works created for their AS-level composition component. Works for string quartet, string ensemble & trumpet, and clarinet, strings & piano made up some of the ensembles in question, who so precisely and sensitively brought the compositions to life.

Continuing the evening’s proceedings was a collection of four 20-minute recitals by our Upper Sixth A-level music students: one violinist (Isabelle Barber) and three vocalists (Florence Lunnon, Gregory Wills & Elenice Andrews). A well-crafted and beautifully portrayed selection of English 20thCentury Art Songs was performed by Florence Lunnon, who also presented concise and well thought-out programme notes focusing on key features of the style, accompanied wonderfully on the piano by Mr Jon Boyle. Gregory Wills, our next vocalist, took then to the stage, providing us with a smooth performance of early-mid 20thcentury Jazz standards. Accompanied delightfully on piano by Mr Jon Boyle and guitar by Mr Simon Clulow, Greg portrayed the effortlessly charming feel of the Jazz love ballads style in which he sang. Our penultimate performer was violinist Isabelle Barber performing, with superb precision and great musical maturity, two great Nationalist works by composers Antonin Dvorak and Bedrich Smetana for violin and piano. Finally, our last performer of the night, vocalist Elenice Andrews performed a stellar and very well received set of Musical Theatre works by composer Stephen Sondheim. Elenice’s captivating performance style and Mr Jon Boyle’s once again fantastic accompaniment made a fitting end to a fabulous evening of music.



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