ICS: Gould Piano Trio Rearranged

We are delighted to announce that, after a postponement earlier this year due to adverse weather conditions, the Gould Piano Trio with Mark Simpson will be performing at Millfield Music School on Monday 10th September at 7.30pm.

As a part of the International Concert Series, we are excited to welcome the award winning chamber ensemble to our very own Johnson Hall at the start of the 2018/19 academic year.

They will celebrate their 25th anniversary year with performances of a new commission from British composer Mark Simpson, supported through Beyond Borders and the PRS for Music Foundation. Simpson will then join the ensemble for a performance of Olivier Messiaen’s masterpiece, Quartet for the End of Time.

We are also excited to announce that Dr. Brian Brooks, Head of Academic Enrichment at Millfield, will be giving a pre-concert talk on the works performed, starting at 6.15pm in the Johnson Hall.

Rarely are the circumstances of a musical work’s creation and performance so crucial to its impact on the listener as they are in the case of Olivier Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time, written and performed in a World War II prisoner-of-war camp. In this talk, Brian Brooks explores their significance and their relationship both to the apocalyptic text that inspired the work and to the musical material itself.

All tickets bought and seats reserved for the original performance on Thursday 1st March 2018, including 2017/18 ICS season tickets, will be valid for this concert.

Tickets are still available for this fantastic concert! Please submit all booking enquiries to ryall.d@millfieldschool.com.

The Millfield Music School Blog provides a fantastic insight into the musical life of Millfield School – from upcoming performances to concert reviews, insights into the music performed and details of the International Concert Series, keep up to date with everything throughout the year at: www.millfieldmusic.com

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