Leavers’ Recital 21/05 – The Review

On a warm early-summers evening, an excited audience filed into the Johnson Hall for the much anticipated Leavers’ Recital. One of the highlights of the concert calendar, this was an opportunity to celebrate the fantastic contribution of Millfield’s Upper 6th musicians throughout their time at the school.

All of the performers were dressed in ball gowns and black tie, bringing a touch of class to the evening. The musicians had portraits taken by a professional photographer in the Johnson Hall, before the audience filled up with family, friends and members of the Millfield Community.

As is always the case at a concert at Millfield Music School, the musicians presented a wide variety of styles, each performing with style and assuredness. This was especially apparent in the fabulous selection of singers that performed on the night.

Will Watson, Rosie Smith, Tia Meddick, Laura Woodward and Lauren Edwards sang numbers from a variety of musicals, showcasing a considerably diverse range of techniques and styles with real skill. Lena Gilda-Clark took on Bruno Mars classic song ‘When I Was Your Man’, whilst Harry Kemp, Tanwen Cray and Bethan Close took on a selection of classical repertoire with impressive maturity.

The audience were also treated to a selection of impressive instrumental music. Asha Colmar performed a Handel Trumpet Sonata with brilliant tone and control, whilst Travis Titley took on the fiendish Trombone Concerto by Rimsky-Korsakov with flare and style. Following this was Ornella Hutchison, who gave a fabulously musical rendition of Rachmaninov’s G Sharp Minor Prelude for the piano.

In amongst the solo recitals were a selection of ensembles showcasing the combined skills of many of the performers. The Sixth Form a cappella choir, Augmented 6ths, took on a challenging arrangement of Adele’s hit single, ‘Rolling in the Deep’, with brilliant ensemble skills.

Closing the concert, the band Aperture came together for a performance of the Prince classic, ‘Purple Rain’. Showcasing the vocal skills of Will Watson at the drums and the virtuoso technical skills of lead guitarist Isaac Hughes, the band brought the house down with a great display of showmanship. It was a fitting way to close out a memorable concert, and to celebrate the fantastic contributions of the Music School leavers.

Congratulations to:
Will Watson
Rosie Smith

Lena Gildam-Clark
Harry Kemp
Asha Colmar
Tanwen Cray
Tia Meddick
Bethan Close
Travis Titley
Laura Woodward
Lauren Edwards
Ornella Hutchison
Isaac Hughes

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