An Evening of Compositions and Chamber Music 26/03 – The Review

To close another lively term, Millfield Music School presented An Evening of Compositions and Chamber Music. The programme brought together two key aspects of our music making; the creativity of our young composers, writing a variety of works for A Level submissions, and the musicality and skill of our musicians performing in smaller chamber ensembles.

The Music School’s Brass Ensemble opened the concert with an exciting performance. They opened with Johann Pezel’s ‘Sonata No. 3’, showing great control and style, before a jubilant rendition of the ‘Triumphal March’ from Giuseppe Verdi’s ‘Aida’.

The audience were treated to a wonderful selection of A Level compositions. Izzy wrote a beautiful Prelude for piano, performed delicately by Mr. Cook, whilst Isaac performed his own work featuring solo guitar, titled ‘Flight.’. There were two larger scale works performed, showcasing a variety of interesting and colourful minimalist techniques; they were composed by Travis (‘The Migration of the Monarch Butterfly’) and Ornella (‘Sunrise Over A Mountain’).

Chamber music provides a fantastic opportunity for our student performers to experience the nuances of ensemble performance in depth. Key musical skills are developed in this environment, including expressive playing and subtle communication with the other members of the group.

These skills were shown in abundance in the smaller groups playing in this performance. The Clarinet Trio of Eloise, Jevon and Emily performed ‘House of the Rising Sun’ with real style and confidence. In their inaugural performance, The Millfield Four (Elenice, Florence, Greg & Mr. Cook) sang a beautiful rendition of ‘O Radiant Dawn’ with real subtlety and style.

In the second half, two trios took on a couple of challenging works from the classical canon. Izzy, Annabella and Hamish performed an exciting string trio by Dvorak with great skill, before Hamish was replaced by Mr. Cook for a rousing rendition of a movement from Mozart’s Piano Trio in C Major.

From everyone at Millfield Music School, we hope that you have a wonderful Easter break, and look forward to welcoming you again for more exciting concerts in the Summer!

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