Millfield Musician of the Year 29/01 – The Review

After a fantastic week of competition featuring nearly 100 performances, Millfield Musician of the Year culminated in the final that celebrated the best of music making at the school.

The winners of the instrumental and vocal categories performed for the four main awards of the evening. The competition was overseen by Mark Stringer, Director of Music at Wells Cathedral School. This was a fantastic opportunity for the competitors to receive insightful advice from such an experienced musician, who gave his closing comments with great knowledge and energy.

After a wonderful evening of performances, awards for all categories throughout the week were awarded by Mark Stringer and Craig Considine, Headmaster at Millfield Senior School.

Thank you to all who competed in a wonderful competition, and congratulations to our four main award winners:

Millfield Instrumentalist of the Year – Annabella Dawkins
Millfield Vocalist of the Year – Tanwen Cray
Winner of Instrumental Class Grade 5-6 – Kitty Chapple
Junior Vocalist of the Year – Annabella Dawkins


Full Results

Wind/Brass and Percussion class

Grades 1-4

Ikey Morland (winner)

Grades 5-6

Kitty Chapple (winner)

Florence Lunnon (Highly Commended)

Jevon Hughes (Highly Commended)

Grade 7+

Peter Chan (winner)

Tom Bradley (Highly Commended)

Travis Titley (Highly Commended)


Vocal Class

Musical Theatre/Jazz Years 9-10

Kitty Chapple (winner)

Musical Theatre/Jazz Years 11-13

Bethan Close (winner)

Elenice Andrews (Highly Commended)

Classical Years 9-10

Annabella Dawkins (winner)

Caragh Norris (Highly Commended)

Andrew Penney (Highly Commended)

Classical Years 11-13

Isabelle Barber (winner)

Tanwen Cray (Highly Commended)

Florence Lunnon (Highly Commended)

Contemporary Years 9-10

Caity Collins (winner)

Jobim Ffrench (Highly Commended)

Contemporary Years 11-13

Oska Zaky (winner)

Rosie Smith (Highly Commended)


String Class

Grade 1-4

Jo Maddock (winner)

Grade 5-6

Rosa Launder (winner)

Jerald Chan (Highly Commended)

Sophia Hinteregger (Highly Commended)

Grade 7+

Annabella Dawkins (winner)

Isabelle Barber (Highly Commended)

Woody Taylor (Highly Commended)

Hamish Barry (Highly Commended)

Isaac Hughes (Highly Commended)


Piano Class

Grades 1-4

Sean Tsai (winner)

Clarissa Jackson (Highly Commended)

Grades 5-6

Emily Bradshaw (winner)

Emily Paterson (Highly Commended)

Grade 7+

Yuhka Machino (winner)

Ornella Hutchison (Highly Commended)

Cecily Turner (Highly Commended)

Steven Zhu (Highly Commended)

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