Year 10 Recital, 19th June 2017

Last night saw the Year 10 musicians take centre stage for a recital dedicated to the year group. Featuring music scholars and both familiar and unfamiliar faces to the Music department, it was an evening of musical diversity. Voice may have been the most popular instrument, but piano, guitar, flute, saxophone, drum kit, marimba, and glockenspiel all featured. Some of the stand-out performances came from musical theatre (Les Misèrables and Chess) and popular music, including numbers from Muse and Justin Timberlake. Folk, classical, and jazz were not neglected, however, so the audience got a taste of the breadth of musical styles practiced here at Millfield. It was great to see all of the acts being supported by the rest of their year group and parents, as for many of these students this is a first formal performance and they all coped very well. Year 10 proved that they are a strong year group for music, whether formally taught or not, and long may that continue.

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