Choral Evensong at Wells Cathedral, 2nd May 2017

Camerata graced Wells Cathedral with their presence again this Tuesday, as the stars of the show for Choral Evensong. It was a beautiful, intimate service in the back half of the cathedral that saw much of the relevant liturgical text sung rather than spoken.

Camerata provided the preces and responses, with particularly strong performances from the many different cantors, as well as the psalm, Magnificat and Nunc Dimitis for the service. Psalms are notoriously difficult to perform, requiring the choir to sing text in time with one another, but without the constant beat of most other music, as well as changing chords at different times with each verse of the psalm text.

A repeat performance of Lux Aurumque completed Camerata’s contribution to the service. Whitacre’s instantly recognisable approach to cluster harmonies and dynamic swells really suited the different acoustic of the back half of the cathedral. The result was hauntingly beautiful and a fitting tribute to the English translation of the work’s title: Light and Gold.

Don’t forget that ‘Music at Millfield’ is this Friday (5th May), starting at 7.15pm in the Johnson Hall, where you can see not only Camerata, but all of our main school ensembles in a concert that promises to be spectacular.

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