Mid-Somerset Festival successes

Over the course of three days, Millfield students travelled to Bath to compete against performers from all over the region in the Mid-Somerset Festival, a huge event featuring competitions in music, dance, and drama. This year, we had thirteen students entered, some in multiple classes, and all faced fierce competition from the likes of Wells Cathedral School, among others. However, Millfield students did themselves and their school proud with some outstanding performances that garnered an impressive selection of silverware.

Two students gained ‘Highly Commended’ awards, and two others were presented with ‘Distinction’ awards; both levels are awarded to performers who show great promise, while not winning their categories. Another student was runner-up in their class, a fantastic achievement. And the silverware did not stop there: six students or student groups won their classes and were awarded various trophies.

Included among these winners was Alex Dawkins, the current head boy, who not only won the ‘String Concerto Class’, he also went on to win the overall Concerto Competition the same evening. This competition consisted of the winners of the concerto classes for each instrumental family: strings, brass, woodwind, and keyboard. Against competitors playing works that even internationally acclaimed musicians find difficult, Alex excelled himself and produced a second stunning performance that day to claim victory.

Congratulations to all the students who participated, and thanks to the staff involved. The Festival was a brilliant opportunity for the students to experience a competitive environment and a different performing scenario. Everyone played exceptionally well and increased their standard while under pressure. We hope that this will be the start of a long line of Mid-Somerset Festival successes for present and future Millfield musicians.

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