Concerto Concert, 27th March 2017

It was an evening to remember for nine very talented young Millfield musicians, as they performed movements from concertos accompanied by a professional orchestra and conductor. Concertos are the pinnacle of solo performance, so these works can only be performed by musicians at the highest level. The Johnson Hall was a suitably magnificent setting for the night’s entertainment, which began with J. S. Bach’s Double Violin Concerto, starring two of the youngest performers in the concert. After a rousing beginning, we were treated to an aria from Bizet’s Carmen, featuring a supporting chorus of Camerata members. The most famous Mozart piano concerto slow movement and an arrangement of Maria Theresa von Paradis’s beautiful Sicilienne finished the first half off in style. After the interval, movements by Shostakovich, Haydn, Grieg, and Elgar showed off the diversity of music choices by our students and their incredible technical skill. The final item, the second movement of Elgar’s Violin Concerto, was a stand-out performance, having won several prestigious awards at the recent Mid-Somerset Festival.

The evening was altogether an impressive display of our students’ musical talents. These performances were crafted and honed for at least the last two terms, if not longer, and the hours of hard work put in paid off. Performing with a professional orchestra and conductor is a very rare experience for school-age musicians: rehearsing and performing brought out the best in the students and saw them act as professionals would. Each and every student should be incredibly proud of their achievement and for providing a large, enthusiastic audience with a very memorable evening of music.

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