High School Musical, 4th-8th February 2017

If you didn’t get round to getting tickets to Millfield’s musical extravaganza this half term, then you missed out on a real treat. After a term and a half of rehearsals, the singing, dancing, and acting all came together in the last week of this half term for four sell-out performances on the Disney hit High School Musical. With hits like ‘Breaking Free’ and ‘We’re All In This Together’, this show will stick in our memories for some time to come.

Saturday and Monday saw the ‘Cats’ cast have their moment to shine, while the ‘Wild’ cast took over for Tuesday and Wednesday. Despite the challenges of performing with two sets of leads, the supporting cast did very well indeed and received some of the biggest cheers at the end of each performance. It was great to see students from various different departments working together: the cheerleaders were all dance students, many of the jocks were Year 9 students completing their co-curricular requirements, and of course, many of the singing parts were taken by our brilliant music students.

All of the students excelled themselves, but special mentions should go to Zeke, Miss Darbus, Coach Bolton, Chad, Ryan, Sharpay, Gabriella, and Troy, who all thoroughly deserved the cheers they got at the end of each show. We’d like to thank everyone involved in the production for creating something that really impressed and showed the Millfield community just how talented our arts students are.

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