Music at Millfield, 8th December 2016

Ensemble playing was the focus of ‘Music at Millfield’, the final concert of term. After a mammoth day of final rehearsals and preparation, the concert arrived and was very well received. All the students performed brilliantly and showed off their hard work from the whole term.

The first half saw String Orchestra, Brass Ensemble, Choir, and Symphony Orchestra take to the stage: while Choir’s repertoire was more Christmas-themed, both orchestras played cornerstones of the classical repertoire by Corelli and Beethoven. Brass Ensemble took a lighter route with two pieces inspired by dances.

Percussion Ensemble, Camerata, Jazz Band and the Augmented 6ths were the stars of the second half after an interval full of mince pies and mulled wine. This second half really showed the breadth of musical styles that students can perform, from classic jazz and carols to contemporary choral music and recent chart-topping popular hits. A highly successful evening, the students and staff should be very proud of their work over the last time to achieve such great performances.


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