Evening Recital, 28th November 2016

Millfield’s student recitals of the Autumn term came to a climax in the first Evening Recital of the year, an opportunity for students to present pieces of the highest quality. Some of the performers were regulars on the recital circuit, but there were debut performances, including the unconventional but brilliant final item on electric guitar. The repertoire showcased by all of the students was of a high standard and gained an enthusiastic reaction from the audience. Highlights include the rarely heard E minor piano sonata by Grieg and a musical theatre contribution in the form of a song from Memphis. Each student had clearly worked very hard on their pieces and they showed just how good the Music Department and its students are on a formal stage.

It was great to see more students in the audience for this concert, including some who were guests of our Headmaster. Watching concerts is a massively important part of students’ learning, regardless of whether they are studying Music or not. Hopefully, after witnessing a recital of such a high standard, they’ll want to come back next term for more! We’re already looking forward to the next Recital ourselves, which will be towards the end of the Spring term.

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