What’s in store for December…

As we enter the second half of this half term, we are all starting to get excited about our Music School events in the build-up to Christmas.

Upcoming Events

Choral Service – 22nd November, 7.00pm, Wells Cathedral, free admission

Tea and Music – 24th November, 4.15pm, Johnson Hall foyer, free admission

Evening Recital – 28th November, 7.15pm, Johnson Hall, free admission

Carol Service – 1st December, 10.30am, Wells Cathedral

Music at Millfield – 8th December, 7.15pm, Johnson Hall, free admission

In the next few weeks, Camerata are going to very busy, with two cathedral services and the spectacular end-of-term “Music at Millfield” concert. The Choral Service will be primarily for Year 9 students but all are welcome, and will feature music that makes the most of Wells Cathedral’s stunning acoustics. The Carol Service will be another whole school affair and is sure to be a joyous occasion.

Our student recital series comes to its termly climax with the formal, black-tie Evening Recital, which will showcase the crème-de-la-crème of Millfield’s musical talent. Having heard our students busy rehearsing, we can guarantee that this will be an outstanding concert! The more informal Tea and Music series also sees its last outing this term, gracing the Johnson Hall foyer with its presence once more.

Finally, the day before the end of term, we have “Music at Millfield”, the concert where all the Music School’s ensembles come together and show what they have been working hard on since the beginning of the new academic year. We hope you will enjoy watching it as much as we have enjoyed rehearsing for it! Stay tuned for Music School news and upcoming events in the new year…

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