What’s been happening over the last few weeks…

The half term before Christmas is always very busy for Music departments across the country, and Millfield is no different. Lots has been happening besides our concerts, so this your chance to get up to date.

New instruments

A selection of new acoustic guitars and xylophones have arrived at Millfield over the last couple of weeks. These new instruments add to our already substantial collection and have already been made good use of. Year 9 students are using the xylophones in their classes, as they learn how to play a samba piece, and the guitars are helping to expand our provision for contemporary music.

ABRSM and Trinity Exams in November

Winter exam season is fast approaching and Millfield students are working very hard for their grade exams. We have lots of students entered, performing on a range of instruments, and for a range a grades. Many have been especially committed and have sought out extra aural training and sight-reading guidance, which has proven valuable for all of them. We wish all the candidates the very best of luck with their exams and we look forward to announcing their results very soon!

Rehearsals for ‘Music at Millfield’

Preparations are well underway for our largest concert of the year so far, ‘Music at Millfield’ at the end of term. With all of our major ensembles performing, the evening promises to be spectacular. And having been part of these rehearsals ourselves, we can safely say that the performance quality will be high and immensely enjoyable. We hope you can join us for ‘Music at Millfield’ on 8th December, 7.15pm, Johnson Hall.

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