Open Musician’s Platform, 7th November 2016


The Open Musician’s Platform series continued in the way that it began last half term, with another concert of great variety and talent on display. A new seating arrangement was trialled, which gave the concert a more intimate, salon-style feel, and all the students rose to the challenge of performing in this way.

Voice was the chosen instrument for many, including a performance from the winning House Song Chamber Choir, with their innovative Daft Punk arrangement. Musical theatre and film again proved popular, with numbers from Jesus Christ Superstar, Toy Story and Les Miserables among others on the programme.

Interspersed with these songs were performances on cello, piano, violin, and marimba, all crowd-pleasing and of a high standard. Among some more familiar faces, it was great to see some students making their concert debuts, and it was equally pleasing to see their fellow students coming to support them.

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