Camerata Tour, October 2016

During the October half term, Millfield’s senior choir, Camerata, travelled to Derry in Northern Ireland to perform and compete in the Derry International Choral Festival.

After arriving in Belfast and spending the morning exploring the city, the choir travelled to Derry and began rehearsals for the two competitions. On Friday, Camerata took part in the Post-Primary 3/4-part Choral Competition, performing Billy Joel’s And So It Goes and Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water. Despite singing extremely well, Camerata were unlucky to not be placed first or second. Though disappointed, this only spurred the choir on and, after singing in a Derry Community Concert on Saturday, they continued with intense but productive rehearsals.

The second competition took place on Sunday afternoon with Camerata performing in the Sacred Music category of the National Vocal Ensemble and Youth Choir Competition. Facing opponents from both semi-professional and university chamber choirs, Camerata sang Bruckner’s Christus Factus Est and MacMillan’s O Radiant Dawn. The choir sang beautifully and clearly impressed the adjudicators, winning joint second place. Coming from the accomplished panel of six judges including Zoltan Pad and David Brophy, the commendation of second place was very well received, especially as Millfield were the only school-level choir competing.

Here are a few photos from the tour:

Camera heading off to their first competition
On stage at the International Choral Festival
Putting in a first-class performance

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