Beyond the Score

As part of Millfield’s Sixth Form enrichment programme, the Music School hosted an evening of presentations on music as seen “beyond the score”. Music education in schools has traditionally been focused on performance, composition, and rudimentary listening skills, so this was an opportunity for staff and students to share or find out more about music as a broader subject. Presentations this term were given by Mr. Hughes, Miss Lewzey, Miss Channon and Mr. Rhind-Tutt.

The evening began with Mr. Hughes discussing Beethoven, his late works and his awareness of his impending deafness and death. Miss Lewzey then followed with a talk on using musical analysis to explore how gender equality or inequality is portrayed in film. Continuing the session, Miss Channon delivered an insightful look into how musical ciphers can help us understand the purpose and meaning of a composition. Finally, Mr. Rhind-Tutt used Wagner as a starting point for discussing music’s importance to our multimedia society and products.

It was great to see so many students attending these presentations, and this included students from outside of the Sixth Form. Much of the presentations’s content was of a high academic level, including some degree-level ideas. What the students will gain from this is of great importance to the well-rounded musician and will contribute to an understanding of the wider musical world, which Millfield encourages all of its pupils to engage in. There will be another ‘Beyond the Score’ session later in the year, where students will be treated to a different selection of presentations covering music’s great variety of aspects and concepts. We are looking forward to it already!

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