What’s in store for November…

Upcoming Events

Nine Daies Wonder – 3rd November, 7.30pm, tickets £15 from the Music Office 1458 444404 or millfieldschool.com/bookingform.

Open Musicians’ Platform – 7th November, 7.15pm, free admission

Johnson Sessions – 12th November, 7.15pm, free admission

We have an exciting couple of weeks coming up at Millfield!

Kicking off our International Concert Series is Nine Daies Wonder. Inspired by a Shakespearian actor’s nine day, entertainment-filled journey across Elizabethan England, performers from the Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments will be presenting a selection of music from the era, from dance tunes to music suitable for the more refined upper classes. Not a concert to be missed!

Just a few days later, our students will be the stars of the show in our second Open Musicians’ Platform of the year. This concert series offers students a formal performing opportunity as they develop as soloists or chamber musicians. We can promise a range of instruments, various styles, and a highly enjoyable display of musical talent.

Contemporary music then takes centre stage in the Johnson Sessions, a great opportunity for our students to showcase their talents in the Johnson Hall Foyer. These sessions are very popular, so arrive early to get the best spots!

There is much more to come before the end of term, so watch this space…

Ask your questions!

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